Strike at University of Botswana

Since last Thursday a strike has been brewing among undergraduate students at the University of Botswana.  The students are upset about the following issues (there may be more but this is what I am aware of):

  • Students who failed courses last year are not getting their government allowances for retaking those courses
  • Students are being forced to live on campus even though some of them want to live off campus
  • No students have received their monthly allowance for February yet (this is what really set off the strike on Monday)

So the past few days a group of 500-1000 students have been holding rallies and marching around campus with sticks forcing others out of class, closing down the cafeteria and the library.  Many students tried to go to class, but we were chased and told to go back to our rooms or join the strike.  I tried to take pictures of the strikers one time.  Big mistake.  They chased me but luckily I was on my bike, and I don’t think they meant any harm, they just wanted to cheer when I left. 

So today, I was at the Baylor Children’s Clinical Center of Excellence (they specialize in pediatric HIV/AIDS) volunteering and someone told me the university is being closed by the government.  I rushed back to the graduate dorms to find a few ground level windows busted out and riot police. 

So no class for the indefinite future.  Here are some pictures I could sneak from the window.

broken windows at the University of Botswana graduate dorms

broken windows at the University of Botswana graduate dorms


riot police on campus

riot police on campus

students evacuating campus

students evacuating campus

9 responses to “Strike at University of Botswana

  1. Wow. I dont guess any molotov cocktails are being thrown without the monthy allowances! I can only imiagine what it is like to have a hostile crowd chasing me. Stay safe bro!

  2. Graham,
    Please be very care and keep a low profile. May God bring you safely home.
    Margie & Eddie

  3. Graham, if you hear of any violence, you should leave as soon as possible. Lock you doors and stay safe!

  4. OH MY!!!! I bet Haiti prepared you a bit for this, huh?!! Good thing you were on your bike! Be careful! Hope things calm down and get back to normal soon.

  5. i don’t think i’ve ever been chased in Haiti. you know, i read that surprisingly Haiti has one of the lowest murder rates in the Carib. (as long as you don’t count the deaths of the poor from starvation as murder)

  6. Hei Mr Grahams.That was so lucky of you man.You should stay away from a mob especially during this times of the credit down-turn man.They would catch you and your bicycle for auction sale.Stay safe man.I am in my house right now.

  7. follow my link. I am still working on Mr. be patient.

  8. hey bro, I’ve been hearing a lot about this strike man, its sad. Keep safe but do try to help out as much as u can

  9. oh, btw, lol i forgot to mention, i was an exchange student from e east coast of us last semester so i know e university pretty well. i can imagine wats going on tho….

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