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HIV/AIDS Support Groups

On Monday Rafael (another Rotary Scholar) and I went to early mass to meet up with Sister Abba.  I rode my bike to the Cathedral and stopped off on the way there when I smelled a wood fire.  See, I don’t smell wood fires here like I remember from Haiti.  Botswana street vendors are almost all on propane, natural gas, or paraffin.  So with this smell in my nose I rode my bike up to the “tack shop” (just four wood poles, 3 sides, and a tin roof, to see what was cookin’.  I was determined to buy whatever it was just to support the traditional (if forest ruining) way of cooking.  To my suspicions they were making up some fat cakes, basically big wads of oily dough deep fried in more oil until they fluff up.  There are similar things in Haiti (and I imagine all over the world for that matter) but they are smaller and called “marinade.” 

Desert House

Desert House


Anyway, after the stop over at the imagination and memory inspiring tack shop I continued on to the Cathedral.  Rafa and I were meeting Sr. Abba to spend the day with her as she tended to a couple of groups of HIV/AIDS.  Sr. Abba is one of those people who can do more than almost anyone else I know could with a shoestring budget and 16 hours of working in a day.

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