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Botswana Consumer Fair

Last Thursday I took a bike ride to check out the Botswana Consumer Fair.  This is an annual event where producers from all of Botswana, and some from South Africa, display their products for consumers and dealers in Botswana.  It was not difficult to find as all I had to do was walk with the rest of the masses assuming we were all going to the same place.  Combie (15 passenger vans) prices went up so more people are walking now.  I noticed plenty of parents with kids and some people even stopped me and asked I take their picture. 

...and now they are on the internet.  Who coulda guessed?

...and now they are on the internet. Who coulda guessed?

It cost around 3 USD to get into the consumer fair, but it was so big I bet someone found a way to get in for free.  The first thing that caught my eye was a carnival set up just like it would be in the U.S. Farris Wheel, mini roller coaster, spinning vomit inducing rides ect.  Then I noticed just about everyone eating ice cream.  And if they were not eating it they were holding 2-5 pints looking somewhat confused as what to do to keep it from freezing.  The ice cream companies were at the fair and had a promotion price of around 5 Pula per pint, which is less than 90 cents a pint.  So I got some ice cream too, and it was good.

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